Taste The Real Korean BBQ: Mapogalmaegi Magal BBQ is Now Here at Samasta!

12 Mar 2018

This newcomer really created a buzz even before its opening here in Samasta. Apart from it being an authentic Korean BBQ restaurant franchise that has opened many outlets within their homeland South Korea and in many countries especially overseas including Indonesia, now Bali is the latest one after Jakarta and Surabaya!

Mapogalmaegi Magal BBQ at Samasta has officially opened its doors on Sunday, 11 March 2018 and it is easy to spot their signature bright yellow signage from our lobby area. The restaurant equips with a comfortable inside and outside dining area, 3 VIP rooms that can fit 6-24 people and a team of friendly staff. 

A visit to this place would not be complete without trying their most beloved barbecue dishes made of the finest quality meat from beef, pork, and chicken. They also offer 15% opening promo discount for all until 15 April 2018. Try their juicy and tender Mapo Daejigalbi (marinated prime short beef ribs) and Mapo Pork Skirtmeat (Mapo Galmaegi) with delicious dipping sauce which are most recommended! You can even choose to have the meat cooked on your table as you watch. Their wide selection of banchan (korean side dishes) are just irresistible and balance out the taste of the well-marinated and cooked meat. The kimchi omelette is one of the favorite banchan and all banchan dishes are free flow with no additional cost plus afterwards they serve free fruit dessert and iced coffee so brace yourself for a grand feast! Mapogalmaegi Magal BBQ truly gives the ultimate korean dining experience.