Music on The Fountain, Free Concert in Jimbaran Bali

11 Oct 2022

Music On The Fountain is the highlight of the 6th Anniversary of Samasta Bali. October 1, 2022, became a new history for Samasta Lifestyle Village Bali because it held a free music concert, or without an entrance ticket, entitled Music On The Fountain.

In collaboration with guest stars Endah n Rhesa and also Adhitia Sofyan, Samasta Bali through Music On The Fountain succeeded in surprising the public with their courage in holding a concert without an entrance ticket. Unmitigated, the audience who attended was recorded at 900 people

The event, which was opened by Flo Band at 6 pm, rained after 30 minutes. Interestingly, this did not stop the enthusiasm of the audience from enjoying their idol`s performances live.

Apparently the rain did not surrender to interrupting the concert and again, wet Samasta Bali when Adhitia Sofyan finished his first song on the stage. The audience also struggled, they took shelter and faithfully waited for the rain to subside to continue the fun of singing with the 1977-born singer.

Before long, the rain stopped and the sky showed signs of starry. The singer, who is popular through the song Sesuatu di Jogja, once again sang on stage with the audience who were boisterous shouting his name.

I will come back, I promise, said Adhitia Sofyan at the end of the last song in front of the audience. This promise was greeted enthusiastically indicating they would wait for the next concert.

Opening with Forget Jakarta and closing with Sesuatu di Jogja became the sweet mix before Endah N Rhesa entered the stage.

If Adhitia Sofyan succeeded in creating a romantic atmosphere at Samasta Bali, then Endah N Rhesa managed to create a memorable acoustic interaction. His action in playing the guitar both really impressed the audience. While showing her actions, Endah often interacted with the audience present.

Mas Rhesa and I thank you very much because we really miss playing here and meeting all of our friends, Endah said as quoted from the story video of the Instagram account @endahnrhesa at the end of the event.

During the Endah n Rhesa show, there was no rain, only the echo of the audience`s voices singing their songs. Liburan Indie, I don`t Know, When You Were Here, and closed with their iconic song, When You Love Someone.