Top Bali Bloggers In Love With Magal Korean BBQ

06 Apr 2018

We were privileged to welcome five famous Bali bloggers to taste the real korean barbecue at Magal Restaurant last Thursday, 5 April 2018. All of them are proud food enthusiasts with many followers on instagram. Passionately sharing their genuine love of good food with captivating photos are what they do best as you can see on their instagram posts @balifoodies, @sikalapmakan, @foodinframebali, @foodiegodisland and @liburanbali. 

As predicted, all of them truly enjoyed the sight and flavors of every korean dish served on that day at Magal Restaurant. From their sizzling beef and pork barbecue to every side dish available, each blogger took turns taking the most irresistible shots and feeding their followers with live contents on their instagrams. The most important fact also is now they know what an authentic korean barbecue tastes like from THE ONE AND ONLY franchise of Korea Magal in Bali. Make sure to follow their instagrams and check the upcoming quizzes for a chance to win Magal dining vouchers.

Let`s indulge our tastebuds at Magal Korean BBQ House, For reservation click HERE