Extra Fun Xmas with Santa`s Little Helpers

26 Dec 2018

The most awaited and merriest time of the year had finally arrived and even if there was no winter and snow here in Bali we celebrated christmas the tropical way! Santa surely did not mind a bit of hot weather and apart from the much anticipated present giveaway, he performed a captivating magic show with the help of his friends and his little helpers, the super excited children in the audience who were indonesians and foreigners - all blended in. PiƱata smashing was also one of the most fun to watch.

After the magic show, time for a traditional Genggong or also known as frog dance to veil the night with some balinese touch. Earlier in the afternoon, adorable looking children were the main attraction at Samasta as all the visitors were entertained at Sereh Cafe by the children`s choir singing classic christmas songs. They stood out beautifully donning colorful traditional costumes from provinces in Indonesia. Unity in diversity at christmas is always one of our cherished moments.