Welcoming Chinese New Year with A Bang!

21 Feb 2018

Here in our beautiful melting pot country of Indonesia, we celebrate Chinese New Year too with an array of colorful festivals and seasonal culinary feast for everyone from different cultural backgrounds to enjoy. This year the celebration falls on February 16th and we had a full-1-hour festive Barongsai show starting from our lobby up to our fountain area. As expected there were lots of cool acrobatic and coordinated moves, colorful costumes and people watching and cheering. Our customers especially the children loved following the Barongsai around and gave the red-golden envelopes filled with money (angpao). Sereh Cafe also offered a delicious Chinese New Year meal set and angpao giveaways and many other interesting monthly promotions from our other tenants. Make sure to regularly check our instagram @samastabali for more fun events and promos.