Above Eleven

Rooftop Bar.

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Barrels by Javanegra

Spanish Tavern.

Product: bintang beer, Bali wine, cocktail, Spanish food, steak & tapas, drinks in Jimbaran

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Basé Basé

Authentic Balinese Home Cooking, Balinese Cuisine, Makanan Khas Bali

Suckling Pig (Babi Guling), Babi Guling Jimbaran, Nasi Campur Jimbaran, Nasi Campur Bali, Babi Guling Bali

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Buns & Meat

Gourmet Handcrafted Pork Burger.

Product: Crispy Pork Belly, Pork Burger, Bacon Burger, Pulled Pork Burger, meat & pork, pork ribs, burger, hotdog, pasta, pizza, rice, waffle & pancake

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Chir Chir

Korean Fusion Chicken Factory.

Product: chirchir crispy fried chicken, noodle, roasted chicken, salad, beer, cocktails, mocktails

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Fish & Co.

Fish & chips, pan fried fish, grilled fish, seafood platter, pasta, pizza, salad & soup

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Gaya Gelato

Homemade Italian Artisan Gelato.

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Mövenpick Cafe

Authentic Swiss Cafe.

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NOH! by Pison

Take Out and Chill Bakery.

Product: coffee, tea, juice, cake, pastry & cookies

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Pat Bing Soo

Korean Dessert House.

Product: PatBingSoo ice dessert, snacks, kimbap, bibimbap, fried rice, ramyeon, chicken wings, odeng

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Saigon Cafe

Best Vietnamese Food in Town.

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Saigon Delight

Authentic Healthy and Delicious Vietnamese Food.

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Gourmet Supermarket in Jimbaran, Healthy Food Bali, Organic Food in Jimbaran, Money Changer in Jimbaran, Flowers, Fresh Meats, Organic Vegetables

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Tanamera Coffee

Indonesian Fresh Roast Artisan Coffee.

Product: coffee beans, coffee, tea, juice, granola, breakfast menu, sandwich, panini, burger, wraps, pies, bites

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Waroeng WAHAHA

Wahaha Bali is The Best Pork Ribs in Bali.

Product: salad & soup, snacks, wahaha pork ribs, pork ribs Bali, steak, pasta, burger & sandwich, fried rice, satay, crispy duck, juice, mojito, beer, dessert

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Wild Grass Bar & Grill

Authentic Western Cuisine with an Asian Twist.

Product: Pork and Crab Bun, Braised Pork Belly, Wildgrass Homemade Gnocci and Spicy Prawn Pasta, Lobster and Steak, Tomahawk Steak

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